Friday, August 31, 2012

A name...!?!

Back from Copenhagen, my flight was delayed so I had no time for boat building today. Instead I thought perhaps I should tell you about the name for the boat that I have been thinking of.... (A lot of people have been bugging me about this).

So here we go, the name I have been thinking of is Xiǎo fēng, 小风 .

Now you may be thinking WTF is this.....?????

It means "Small Wind" and why did I choose this name?

Well, there are several reasons:
- I used to live in China so I would like a Chinese name
- She is quite small
- I would like her to experience wind but not too much and the name is the exact opposite of Typhoon (Hurricane for most of you), which means Great/Big Wind....

Any objections or other suggestions is welcome in the comments!

The below is cut from Wikipedia:

(台风 Tái fēng, Great Wind)
From Wikipedia:
Etymology and Usage
The English word typhoon appears to be related in pronunciation to the Chinese word 大風 (meaning "great wind") as spoken in southern Chinese dialects such as Hakka and Cantonese. The modern way of writing typhoon in Chinese (simplified Chinese: 台风; traditional Chinese: 颱風; pinyin:Táifēng), as well as in Japanese (台風, pronounced 'tai-fū'), uses a different first character, though, and may have come about based on the re-importing of the word from English. (Another theory is that the initial 'tai' sound of the word was a reference to Taiwan, where, from the point of view of mainland China, the winds came from.) Another possible etymology of typhoon is from the Greek word τύφειν (typhein), meaning "to smoke", which later made its way into the Arabic language (as طوفان Tufân) to describe the cyclonic storms of the Indian Ocean.[2] In plural, one can add an "s" at the end in English although in Chinese, "Táifēng", as with "Taifū" in Japanese, is always pronounced the same in both singular and plural usages. Typhoon is the regional name in the northwest Pacific for a severe (or mature) tropical cyclone,[3] whereas hurricane is the regional term for the northeast Pacific and northern Atlantic. Elsewhere, storms of similar strength are termed tropical cyclonesevere tropical cyclone, or severe cyclonic storm.[4]

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Picked up my trailer today! Will need to make some minor adjustments to the supports before loading the boat.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Today I made a schedule for what needs to be done before I will move the boat to Sweden. Suffice to say I am in trouble, I need to work like a madman during the coming weekend to even have a whisper of a chance....

Glued in some more seat tops, all except the one where the centerboard pin is located (need to install the centerboard first).

Continued to work on the mast steps, still some rasping and sanding to be done.

Shaped the stem, Mom thinks it is uneven so maybe I need to work on it some more.

Finally we coated the underside of the decks and I filleted the rest of the "cargo" compartment, so that Mom can sand it while I am in Copenhagen the next few days.

Time today: 3h

Monday, August 27, 2012


Internet is working and now I am in phase with reality again!

Started the day by cleaning the garage.


Then I spent some time drilling the mast steps. Main step is ready for rasping into a square shape while the mizzen step still need some chiseling.

Finally we filleted the "cargo" compartment.

We did one side each but since Mom did not enjoy filleting we have agreed that I will do the filleting and she will do the sanding in the future (excellent arrangement in my opinion!).

Time today: 2.5h (Not sure yet how to count the Mom hours....)


Sunday was mostly boring work, scraping glue of the gunwale took most of the time. Then to have some more fun I decided to round of the final of the small spars, while Mum sanded the rudder stock.

Just starting

Almost done

Sanding and smiling! (more than I can do....)

The garage needs to be cleaned!

 Time on Sunday: 2h

Connection problems

I lost my internet connection at home while being away. Should be fixed shortly so that I can catch up on the reporting.....

On Saturday we (my Mother is helping out) drilled for the rudder but found that the bolts I bought was too short so I will need to find longer once.

We glued on the false inner stem.

Finally we filled the screw holes in the gunwale and glued up the aft seats.

Time on Saturday: 2h

Thursday, August 23, 2012


It has been a long break in the building but tomorrow I will be heading back to Poland. So watch this space soon there will be boat building updates.....

In the mean time I can recommend this for some interesting reading:

A couple that is designing and building a sail and oar fishing boat and will try to make a living fishing from it! Really interesting and inspiring!

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Still some time before I can launch my boat, about two months. But below is where it most likely will happen. It is a very small harbour just a few minutes from my my house. It will be a little tricky backing the trailer down there but definitively possible.