Monday, September 24, 2012

Time accounting III

The boat is in Sweden and I am busy with work and unpacking boxes. So I thought it may be time to look into how I have spent my time, by looking back at the milestones.

Start of build: 29/10-2011
Strongback built: total time 15h
Frames done: 10/12 total time 31h (I had the frame kit so if someone is building from scratch you should probably add another 30h)
Keel (bottom) laid: 17/12 total time 50.5h
Frames installed: 17/1-2012 total time 82.5h
Stringers installed: 29/1 total time 113h
Planking done: 22/3 otal time 209.5h
Bottom painted and right way up: 29/6 total time 297h
Decks in place: 7/9 total time 371.5h
Hull done (almost): 12/9 total time 387h

What is left to be done is some more painting, that I hope to have done before it gets to cold, building the masts and oars. So my initial estimate of 400h is not that far of.

Building will slow down for winter now (I doubt there will be time to launch her before it gets too cold)  so the update frequency of the blog will also slow down. I will post when something happens and there will also be a a few posts about cost, tools, the odd nice boat I run across etc too keep the blog going until launch day.

By the way I just past 8000 page views the other day!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Crew inspection

Today my rowing crew (the kids) got their first chance to inspect their vessel. Happily they seemed pleased and are already planning the first camping trip.....

Friday, September 14, 2012

Waiting for the ferry

So far so good, only had to stop once to tighten a loose strap. Need to by a new tarp this one is crap (but cheap crap) too thin and flaps about all the time.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Left overs

This is what is left over of the ply and wood I bought (except the wood for masts and oars that I bring with me to Sweden)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Out of the garage

Brought some friends from the office to bring "Small Wind" out of the garage. Real sunlight gives you a much better view, to how lovely the lines of this design is but also all the imperfections (There is some (a lot) of touch up to be done on the painting....)

Coming out of the garage, she is surprisingly light (now I believe the 100kg specified by John)

Turning around, and you can see my tarp support

Going on the trailer

Yours truly supervising

Fine tuning supports


All wrapped up and ready to go!

Time today: 1.5h

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Painting done (almost)

Got up early again to do some more painting before work.

In the morning

After work we adjusted the supports on the trailer, fine adjustments will be done when she is loaded tomorrow.

Then it was time for painting, so now the decks and seat tops have three coats. Seat fronts, bottom and sides have two coats. Cargo area, centerboard casing and under deck has one coat. It looks nice but there will be some more painting to be done when I get to Sweden.

In the evening

The thing on top of the centerboard case is a pieces of wood and some string to keep the centerboard up when we lift her tomorrow. The stick thing on top of the strong box is a tarp support to divert rain water when we drive to Sweden, you will see what I mean tomorrow or the next day.

Time today: 3h

Monday, September 10, 2012

Grey paint

Got up early this morning to finalise the coamings, i.e removed the stitches, faired the front end and added the final fillets.

Tonight I sanded the coaming fillets and the deck again, cause I really like sanding.....

Then it was time for paint, could not finish the first coat since the filters for my mask ran out of the good stuff so I started breathing the paint fumes. New filters tomorrow. Just two pictures today, it is amasing what a coat of paint can do.


....& before

Time today: 3h

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Coaming Pt II

Sanded the deck for glueing on the coaming and painting.

Glued the coaming in place. Had a bit of a mishap when the sand bucket that held the forward end down tipped over. Well we got that sorted and tomorrow there will be some vacuuming to be done.

Some sand left on the bottom of the boat

A bit of stitch n glue up front

 Finally I installed the oar lock "blocks".

Made them a bit higher than normal since I am quite big...

Time today: 3h

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Today was the big day of the coaming, started out making a cardboard template.

From the cardboard I could cut the real pieces out of 6mm ply.

Dry fitting

A bit of stich & glue up front

Scarfs ready for glueing

Coamings glued! Yes, the bench is a mess.

Then it was time for dinner, at Taverna Orlowska.


After dinner we added some glue to two areas of the deck where it had not attached the the boat, by drilling holes and inserting glue through a syringe. Finally we filled the gap between the deck and gun wale with glue, to make a smooth transition.

Time today: 5h

Friday, September 7, 2012

More deck work

Scraped of excessive epoxy from the deck and cut out the hole for the main/fore mast.

Marked out the shape of the coaming, sanded the deck , filets inside and the deck edges (the edges do not match perfectly with the gun wale). Cut out the deck doublers (to support the coaming). I am way behind schedule, need to work a lot over the weekend, on Tuesday she goes onto the trailer.

Last job of the day was to glue on the deck doublers.

 The coaming will go forward of the main mast.

More sanding tomorrow and hopefully the start of the coaming......

Time today: 3h

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Finished filleting the inside.

Installed the rest of the deck pieces.

Tired,..... Good night....

Time today: 3h

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Deck, at least part of it....

Got up early to paint the aft storage space and the collision bulkhead.

Installed he Queen plank properly

Mom sanded and scraped excessive epoxy from the interior

Then it was onto filleting again..... almost done now.....?

And finally it was time to glue the decks in place

Monica is helping me to get it in place

Forward part done the rest is for tomorrow

Time today: 3.5h

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Filets and paint

Another day of filleting, to brake the boredom I decided to make the oar socket brackets (right word???).

Cut from a chunk of oak

While I did that Mom masked the collision bulkhead for painting.

Glued on the centerboard-pin-cap.

That was fun, now back to filleting, Mom cleaned filleting sticks. Then it was time to paint again! Aft storage compartment and collision bulkhead.

Time today: 3.5h

Monday, September 3, 2012

Centerboard and more fillets...

Inserted the board into the box and marked the pin hole with a sharpie marker. It turns out the centerboard pin hole was not off at all. All we needed to do was to lift the board slightly and we would have had a fit. Why did I not think of the pen test yesterday...??? So instead of being 40 mm of we were only 30 mm off so I still needed the slot I cut yesterday.

Centerboard in place!

Will add the pin cap tomorrow 

Then it was onto filleting again.... we also added the boomkin supports and cut out the centerboard case top (at least one part of it).

Queen plank missing in this picture

Case top added

Time today: 3h

Sunday, September 2, 2012

!@#$%&*@ Centerboard +*^@%$&#!!!!

Started the day of nice enough by painting the gunwale and rudder stock, then I went on to rasping and sanding the mast steps.

We went onto installing the centerboard and this is when all hell broke loose.... There was no way we could get the pin through the case and the board....??????

I did some measurements and.... hmmmmmmm ....something is wrong here... Firstly the pin hole in the centerboard is about 10 mm out of place, secondly when I looked into the drawings there seems to be a mismatch between the case drawings and the board drawings (for details send me an email) so in total I was around 40 mm off the mark.

Well only one way to go, adapt to the situation. Fill the hole in the board and re drill, secondly modify the case......

Cut a slot in the forward centerboard case log to get the board further down

Filed out the pin hole

And filled it with epoxy

Will do a restart with the centerboard tomorrow......

Ended the day with a lot of glueing!

Main mast step

Mizzen step

Aft compartment reinforcements

The final seat top and centerboard case reinforcements

Stem ring

Time today: 5h