Sunday, September 2, 2012

!@#$%&*@ Centerboard +*^@%$&#!!!!

Started the day of nice enough by painting the gunwale and rudder stock, then I went on to rasping and sanding the mast steps.

We went onto installing the centerboard and this is when all hell broke loose.... There was no way we could get the pin through the case and the board....??????

I did some measurements and.... hmmmmmmm ....something is wrong here... Firstly the pin hole in the centerboard is about 10 mm out of place, secondly when I looked into the drawings there seems to be a mismatch between the case drawings and the board drawings (for details send me an email) so in total I was around 40 mm off the mark.

Well only one way to go, adapt to the situation. Fill the hole in the board and re drill, secondly modify the case......

Cut a slot in the forward centerboard case log to get the board further down

Filed out the pin hole

And filled it with epoxy

Will do a restart with the centerboard tomorrow......

Ended the day with a lot of glueing!

Main mast step

Mizzen step

Aft compartment reinforcements

The final seat top and centerboard case reinforcements

Stem ring

Time today: 5h


  1. Fy f-n, det var det värsta!
    Du får reklamera ritningarna, kräva pengarna tillbaka och skadestånd.

    Kram Helene

  2. Nja riktigt så illa är det nog inte. Lite fel blire på alla ritningar å de var billiga så jag ska nog spara reklamationen en stund. Ett av designerns valspråk är "Det finns inget misstag uppfunnet av människan som inte kan fixas med epoxi och träbitar", så vi kör med det.....