Monday, July 14, 2014

Reporting the week

We have had a week of fabulous weather so I have had time to do a lot of sailing. Unfortunately works prevented me from spending the whole week on the water. So I did shorter evening sails on the weekdays and slightly longer during the weekend. Have been practising balancing Xiao Feng so that she can steer herselves and unless there are not too much waves and the wind stays reasonably constant it works quite nice.

I also figured out how to get the GPS plots out of the box and into Google maps, below you can see the track of the two days when I brought the GPS.

Trip Saturday a week ago, featured in my last blog post

This Saturdays trip, the yellow star mark the location of my house

I have also changed the mooring arrangement so that I do not need to walk across the fore deck when climbing onboard. I have added a very long mooring line to the bouy so that I can pull her in along side the quay and then just pull her out to the bouy.

The new aft mooring line that let's me pull the stern in and out.

And finally some pictures from our trips, it is difficult to get good pictures from 'new' angles when you need to sail the boat as well. I am pondering some sort of camera attachment to the mizzen so that I can shoot some video....

Saturday, July 5, 2014

At the mooring

I am planning to sail most days next week (if the weather allows), so today after my Saturday sail I left her at the mooring. She is a bit tippy when standing on the bow getting on and of but I guess I will get used to that as well.

Sailed to a island about 4 nm away, dropped the hook in a small bay and had lunch. Excellent weather today sunny and a nice 4-6 knots of wind. Brought my GPS today and we averaged 3 knots with a top speed of 5.5 knots, nice!