Friday, April 27, 2012

Gdansk light house in Nowy Portu

The new Euro 2012 stadium in the background.

Mahogany and glass

Test fitted the glass on the bottom, I bought 10sqm so I have plenty for centre board, rudder etc.

Got delivery of the mahogany veneer strips today. These will be used to laminate the outer (false) stem. Again I got more than I need so maybe there will be some mahogany trim as well

Going on another trip so no boatbuilding for about a week.

Time today: 30 min

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Sanded the rest of the hull (did I mention I HATE sanding...?), then I spent about an hour fairing things I missed last time and where more was needed (i.e. almost everywhere).

 Finally I added a micro fillet to all the plank edges.

Hopefully I will just have to sand it once more before it is time to glass the bottom. Then of course there will be more sanding....

Time today: 3.5h

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

And sanding some more

Not much time today either. Sanded the boom some more, just the finishing touches missing.

One round(ish) and two square spars

Then I went on to sanding the hull, had enough time for the port side. Still some places that need more filler and some places that I missed. I started with the random orbital sander but it makes too much noise, the boat acts like a drum and I just could not bear it so it was back to hand sanding.

The sanded side

And the one waiting to be sanded

Finally I built a longboard for the next sanding session (after adding more filler).

Time today: 1.5h

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sanding again

Work keeps interfering with my boat building, so again I did not have a lot of time. Started sanding the hull and the spar I planed the other day. Plenty left to do on the hull and the spar is not finished yet but approaching round....

Time today: 30 min

Friday, April 20, 2012


Spent some time in Monaco today, checking out the luxury yachts. Above is my favourite ;)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Epoxy

Got some more epoxy today. This time I went for the local brand instead of the West that is both expensive (more than twice of the local brand) and hard to get hold of. Hopefully a good choice, my only complaint so far is that the resin and the hardener is the same color so it is hard to see when they have been mixed properly. On the other hand it flows very easily and it seems the hardener is veeery slow so I have plenty time.

After trimming the center board case flush with the bottom I had to try the new epoxy. Filled all the screw holes, some damages and the gap between the bottom and the garboard.

Case sawed and planed flush

After filling

Will be away for a few days, back to boat building on Monday.

Time today: 1.5h

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mostly planing

Started the evening by planing the transom and stem and then I went onto planing the joint between  bottom and first plank.

The weather is improving so I could open the garage door and get a picture from aft.

Then I continued to plane (with the rabbet plane) the longitudinal plank edges (the laps) to get a nice even curve.

When I had done what I could on the hull I went onto the spars (I need to get more epoxy and filler before I can continue on the hull).

Main boom is eight sided

And now it is round(ish)

Not perfectly round but close enough..... some sanding remain

Another view of the boat

Time today: 2.5h

Monday, April 16, 2012

Spar planing setup

Continued to sand scarfs until my voluntary power tool curfew kicked in.

Then I started building a jig (right word??) for planing spars, boom, yard and sprit. These are square pieces of wood and when I will plane them eight sided I need a way to set the spar up to have one of the corners facing upwards. So I decided to make some guide pieces and attach them to the strong box.

Cut up some ply pieces, mark the center line and draw a 90 degree V on them,...

...cut the V away,...

...screw them to the strong box....

... and add the spar.

Before I could test it I had to hone my planes, the planking work has dulled them, especially the block plane was in really bad shape with a lot of nicks in the edge.


Then it was time to test my design but first I had to figure out a way to prevent the spar from sliding while planing. The simplest I could think of was a couple of nails.

So how did it work? Like a charm, a steady spar and a sharp plane. I had to stop my selves from planing too far, I have not marked out the eight sided lines yet, job for tomorrow.

Time today: 2h

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Up side down

Had some friends over today to help me flip the boat. She felt heavier than I expected but went over quite easily, it was all over within 5 minutes.

The flipping crew. Thanks for the help guys!

Did not have time to take any pictures during the process but this is the end result.

The next step was to adjust the length of the beams, fit sliding supports and some supporting blocks.

Sliding supports forward and aft and a block on the middle beam to match the sheer curve

Sliding support

Ready to start working on the boat again

The rest of the evening was spent scraping of excess epoxy (heat gun and a scraper) and cleaning up and sanding some of the less successful scarfs.

Time today: 4h (That is not including all the discussing and explaining with the flipping crew!)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Preparing the "flip"!

Spent some time today to get the garage ready for turning the hull over. Cleaning, gathering up all the tools, touch up some paint, finding all the clamps, unscrewing the boat from the strongbox and modifying the workbench to become the new "boat support".

We will flip the boat over onto the the workbench and the gunwales will rest on the three beams I have screwed to the bench. I will trim them to the right length and build up supports to match the sheer after it has been flipped.

Time today: 2.5h

Friday, April 13, 2012

Mostly paint

Continued painting tanks, forward and aft.

Have been thinking a lot about paint and colors lately. If all goes according to plan I will turn her over on Sunday and I need to decide the paint scheme for the hull. My oldest daughter has decided that the hull shall be red, so all left for me is to find the correct red color and a nice color for the deck. Below you can see the colors I am currently thinking about. Comments are welcome......

Grey for the deck and red for the hull?

Rounded the evening of by covering the mast traveller with some tarred hemp to minimise shafing of the mast.

Time today: 2h

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Paintin again

Started the day with a bit of odd fiddling, trying out the centre board pin in the case (fits like a glove), moving a work bench so that I can close the door to the garage while painting etc.

Then it was onto painting the forward and aft compartments.

Also did a bit of touch up in the seat tanks.

Time today: 2h

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Got delivery of the stainless stuff today! So I had to fiddle with these a little before getting back to sanding.

Rudder gear

Mast traveller and boomkin fittings (my boomkin will be mounted on top of the aft deck)

From the top: Rudder stopper, center board pin and center board up haul plate

After finishing the sanding I did some cleanup in order to be ready for painting tomorrow.

The rudder gear is a few sizes bigger than specified for this design so I needed to fit a few extra pieces of ply to the transom to have something to bolt them through.

The gudgeon is wider than the reinforcement

Measuring the angles

9 mm reinforcements glued in

Time today: 2h