Monday, April 16, 2012

Spar planing setup

Continued to sand scarfs until my voluntary power tool curfew kicked in.

Then I started building a jig (right word??) for planing spars, boom, yard and sprit. These are square pieces of wood and when I will plane them eight sided I need a way to set the spar up to have one of the corners facing upwards. So I decided to make some guide pieces and attach them to the strong box.

Cut up some ply pieces, mark the center line and draw a 90 degree V on them,...

...cut the V away,...

...screw them to the strong box....

... and add the spar.

Before I could test it I had to hone my planes, the planking work has dulled them, especially the block plane was in really bad shape with a lot of nicks in the edge.


Then it was time to test my design but first I had to figure out a way to prevent the spar from sliding while planing. The simplest I could think of was a couple of nails.

So how did it work? Like a charm, a steady spar and a sharp plane. I had to stop my selves from planing too far, I have not marked out the eight sided lines yet, job for tomorrow.

Time today: 2h

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