Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Epoxy

Got some more epoxy today. This time I went for the local brand instead of the West that is both expensive (more than twice of the local brand) and hard to get hold of. Hopefully a good choice, my only complaint so far is that the resin and the hardener is the same color so it is hard to see when they have been mixed properly. On the other hand it flows very easily and it seems the hardener is veeery slow so I have plenty time.

After trimming the center board case flush with the bottom I had to try the new epoxy. Filled all the screw holes, some damages and the gap between the bottom and the garboard.

Case sawed and planed flush

After filling

Will be away for a few days, back to boat building on Monday.

Time today: 1.5h

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  1. regarding painting;i like idea of white hull and wooden deck (darken with pigment on existing structures and secured with transparent and secured with transparent varnish or finished with noble wood and secured with transparent farnish). Example here: