Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Getting ready for winter

Prepped the boat for winter. I bought a new big tarp instead of the two old small crappy once. Quite a lot of water had leaked in the joint despite a 40 cm overlap.
Crew hard at work

So we cleaned the boat and got the new tarp on. Added some more wood to support the tarp (avoiding water puddles) and provide ventilation openings.

After a job well done!

Ended the day by carving the first pumpkin in my life!


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Material costs

Thought I should look into the material costs today.

I ordered the frame kit from Fyne, something that shortened my building time but increased the cost. Another thing that drastically could have saved me some money was the Epoxy. I started out buying West Epoxy which is hard to find and very expensive in Poland, eventually I found a local manufacturer LaminoPol which had a very nice product at a third of the West price..... So had I gone local from the start I would have saved almost 300Euro!!!

So these where the main parts of the material cost:
Plywood: 300Euro (I bought too much as I did not need ply for the frames)
Frame kit: 710Euro
Solid wood: 660Euro (ready cut and planed to the right dimensions)
Epoxy: 680Euro (still have around 4 liters left which will be plenty for he remaining jobs)
Paint: 150Euro

So a grand total of: 2500Euro or about 3200USD

I am happy this was spread out over almost a whole year!

Monday, October 1, 2012

The vikings are coming

Went to a Viking fair organized by the local viking society, Alsnu. The weather was crap but the kids got to bake bread, shoot bow & arrow and listen to Aesir stories, I focused on the boats. I actually forgot to take pictures of anything else...