Monday, September 24, 2012

Time accounting III

The boat is in Sweden and I am busy with work and unpacking boxes. So I thought it may be time to look into how I have spent my time, by looking back at the milestones.

Start of build: 29/10-2011
Strongback built: total time 15h
Frames done: 10/12 total time 31h (I had the frame kit so if someone is building from scratch you should probably add another 30h)
Keel (bottom) laid: 17/12 total time 50.5h
Frames installed: 17/1-2012 total time 82.5h
Stringers installed: 29/1 total time 113h
Planking done: 22/3 otal time 209.5h
Bottom painted and right way up: 29/6 total time 297h
Decks in place: 7/9 total time 371.5h
Hull done (almost): 12/9 total time 387h

What is left to be done is some more painting, that I hope to have done before it gets to cold, building the masts and oars. So my initial estimate of 400h is not that far of.

Building will slow down for winter now (I doubt there will be time to launch her before it gets too cold)  so the update frequency of the blog will also slow down. I will post when something happens and there will also be a a few posts about cost, tools, the odd nice boat I run across etc too keep the blog going until launch day.

By the way I just past 8000 page views the other day!!

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