Monday, October 10, 2011

Boat Building Academy

As I mentioned previously I attended a boat building course this summer. It was a one week course in "modern boat building" at the Boat Building Academy in Lyme Regis.

This is something I can really recommend. You will not be a boatbuilder in a week but for me it was a very good confidence booster. I have a fairly good theoretical knowledge on how to build a boat an this course gave me the chance to try out some different things and made me believe I could do it.

You start of with some tool knowledge, how to sharpen planes, chisels etc and goes on to practical use of the tools scarfing plywood and solid wood. The main part of the course is glued clinker, spilling the planks cutting gains etc. There is also time to do some strip planking, could molding and a stitch and glue model boat. In addition we did a lot of various lamination for knees and breast hooks we even had time to do a little vacuum bagging.
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In addition to the course content being excellent the people at the Academy is very welcoming and pleasant so you cannot avoid making some good friends while you are there.  

I am quite sure I will have good use of this when I get going on my project. 

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