Monday, November 21, 2011

Glueing with strange glue

The first scarf joint was not very successful, I wanted to save on the expensive epoxy so I got some cheap construction glue for the strong back. I have now idea what it is, feels like glueing with snot (yellow an sticky). The joint is not pretty but feels strong enough.
For the second joint I decided to screw the plywood to the workbench to get a tighter join (you can see one of the screws in the picture), and a few buckets of water on top just in case.

Again sorry for the picture quality it is actually a lot brighter in reality than what it looks in the pictures. In addition to the 60W bulb in the ceiling I have three 150W spotlights. I will keep blaming my phone camera (if anyone has any good tips I will listen).


  1. The camera will expose for the bright lights. Instead of what you are doing, point the lights at the roof,reflected light will be better. Put the camera on a cheap tripod. If it has a self timer, use that. Even lighting is more important than brightness. A long exposure will deal with low light. But once the camera sees some very bright parts, you will only get a short exposure