Sunday, April 21, 2013


The big day of cutting birdsmouths to the mast staves. Spent a lot of time setting up the table saw, rollers etc. Then it went very smooth with the actual cutting, some of them need a pass with the rabet plane before glueing up.

Feather boards

Fence and feather board setup

The whole setup

Test cut for mizzen....

... and the main

One of the mizzen staves had a knot in it and broke, luckily I only need eight staves for a mast and I had nine for each.

Some of the staves have taken on quite a bend over winter, I hope I can pull it together to make a mast.

All I need now is to find out how I will build a straight jig for the glue up. Unfortunately I had to leave my strong box in Poland so I will have to build something new.....

Time today: 2 hours

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