Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sailing lessons

Had my first 'real' sail today, before there has been virtually no wind. Went out at four and it was blowing between 6 and 10 knots of wind and the direction was good for a trip around Prästholmen (Priest Island, no idea why it is called that....). Had a great four hours on the water and I also learnt a few things, some that need fixing before I go out next time.

- She is really fast!!!!
- She is very responsive and fun!!
- The centreboard cap really need a seal! I had to bilge the boat a few times.
- I need to shorten the connection slings for the halyard and downhaul, the way it is now I cannot tighten the downhaul enough. (See pics)
- I need to tighten the out haul on the boom and yard. (See pics)
- Make sure everything is attached (I lost the rudder up haul in the water)
- Keep the push-pull stick in the boat. (She was steering herself nicely so I let go and it fell in the water and ended up trailing the boat pointing aft, a bit of acrobatics on the aft deck to retrieve it ;).

All in all GREAT!