Monday, September 9, 2013

Buoy and winch

Yesterday my dad visited so we decided to go for a little row and 'launch' (or maybe it should be 'sink') the mooring buoy.

When we were retrieving the boat we found that the winch on the trailer have been worn out (some of the teeth on the winch drum) despite only having been used maybe 10-15 time (rubbish!!!!). So now I need to find a new winch, turning out to be an expensive hobby..... ;)

So today I removed the old winch and measured the footprint to see if I can find a new that does not require me to drill new holes.


  1. Yup, cheap, pot-metal teeth. I've had that problem before. Better to buy top quality gear in the long run. Those ratchet gears should be solid, not three pieces bolted together. I'm afraid that's what we are given these days though. Not much choice except cheaply gear at horrendous prices.

  2. Agree completely, my biggest problem at the moment is actually finding a winch with a good quality gear. All of the stuff I have seen so far has been versions of the same crap. So I might have to order online...