Sunday, October 13, 2013

Tucked in for winter

Even though we have perfect sailing weather (sunshine, +15C and 8 knots of wind) I decide to prepare Xiao Feng for winter. I will be travelling a lot the coming weeks and I do not want to be surprised by snow.
Cleaned her out, rolled up the sails and opened up the hatches. I left the cover on and added a tarp stretched between two 'pillars'. The tarp is mainly a snow cover we will see how well it works.

I launched later than planned and have not had time to sail as much as I would like but I am very happy with my little boat!!! The plans for winter is to get her ready for overnight trips, i.e. a tent, some way of cooking food and a good way of sleeping.


  1. Sorry to see her under deck. Makes me realize how lucky I am about where I live. Good travels Anders.

    1. Yes, I am a bit sad today, there may still be a few nice sailing days before winter. Our disadvantage is five months of snow and ice but on the other hand we have three months where the sun virtually never sets, that makes up for a lot of ice!
      I just have to enjoy following your build during the cold months :)