Saturday, January 4, 2014

More tent trials

Finished the tent mockup, now I am confident it will work in reality. A few details such as the attachment to the masts etc need to be worked out when we do it for real. In the pictures the zippered tent flaps at the ends are missing, to fiddly to make in 1:10 scale (so another thing to figure out in real size).
The actual stitching of the tent will have to wait until 'Xiao Feng' is unwrapped in the spring.


  1. Anders,
    Great idea to mock up the tent. Osbert had some problems with the standard design, I am looking forward to your solutions.
    A ridgeline to prevent pooling is good. What height to make it? You want at least clear sitting room, standing room is probably too much windage.
    How to attach the edge? I would want rainproof, but would not be comfortable if not able to throw back a flap and get out in a hurry.
    I was thinking that the decking allows extending the tent past the open cockpit with openings at each end for airflow, but rain doesn't get in. Some bug netting at each end?
    Using the oarlock sockets saves extra fittings, but what if you need to move the boat during the night? I may try using two of my 3 sets, leaving one with oars in ready to row.
    What material to use? Maybe Sunbrella, possibly a coated fabric if airflow is allowed.
    There seem to be more issues with the tent than any other part of the boat. As JW said of tents: "vexed subject".
    All the best,
    Rick Thompson

  2. Hi Rick

    I have been corresponding a little with Osbert about his and it is his experience that made me think of using a ridgeline. The whole idea is that the ridge line carries the 'weight' of the tent while the tent poles are just to create a wider headroom. Initially I intended to use the oarlock sockets to attach the poles but now I am leaning towards just having them attached to pockets on the inside of the tent. I intend to use cleats that I have on the gunwale to attach the edge (they are already there to attach my boat cover). I aim for a sitting height of 120cm (from the bottom) so roughly 77cm above deck at midship. In the ends I will fit mosquito nets (plenty of bugs here) and most likely also some sort of 'door' (easily opened). I will use the same fabric as for my cover i.e. an acrylic canvas, I assume it is similar to Sunbrella but very much cheaper.