Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fixing the centre board case

As you may remember I had some center board troubles last summer, so I decided to fix it today. It was simpler than I expected, I just cut of the excess case and glued on some new reinforcements. The only tricky bit was not cutting into the centerboard uphaul plate.
I also planned to glue on some of my cleats but we were hit by a swarm of small black beetles (no idea what they are called in English, we call them rapsbaggar) so that will be another day.

The start

Half way there

Cutting done

New reinforcements glued in place

Time today: 1h


  1. Anders,

    Looks much better like this. Where will you attach the cb uphaul block? To the new maststep?


  2. Hi Rik,

    I agree much better. I did not put any weight in the cb so I figure it will float up and then I will just have a line to a cleat on the front end of the case or the seat front, I hope I will not need a block. The down haul will be attached to the top of the case, I will put a lid on it. If it does not work I will try something else.....;)