Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Paint again

Started painting again, today primer on the oars, rowing seat and footbrace. Have had a lot of problem finding paint. I ran out of paint just before I left Poland so I tossed the cans, big mistake as it turns out...
First I tried to get the same paint as I had in Poland but could not find a supplier (or get a response). So I decided to go to my local paint store. We had long discussions on which paint to use all the way from two part garage floor paint (does not work outdoors) to house paint (maybe not abrasion resistant enough) finally we decide to go with a window paint that also is used for outdoor wood stairs and patio furniture.
Then it was time to find the right colour and this is where I could have used the paint cans from Poland as they had the colour code printed on them.... I found the colour code for the red paint on this blog (no trace of the grey though) but as it turns out I must have made some mistake as that colour does not exist???
So I brought the rudder (grey) and the tiller (red) to the paint store to try to find out the right nuance. Could not find the exact match but hopefully close enough. This is what I got:
Red - S 2570-R
Grey - S 2002-B

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