Sunday, May 11, 2014

Tent approaching completion

It has been a bad week for boating, lots of rain and I had to go to Germany for a few days. When I got back Mom had made me two pouches that attach to the turn buttons along the gunwale.

One for bottles

And one with a lid

My plan was to finish the tent today, however it turns out some adjustment will be needed, especially starboard aft where I could not reach the final turn button. I must have been confused when I took the measurements, so now I will have to add some more fabric or cut it back to the next button, whichever will be easier.

All in all I am quite happy with how it turned out.


Inside, will add doors and mosquito netting to the ends.


  1. Anders,
    Tent looks great - more room inside than the stock design, very secure mounting, should not puddle on top, nice warm color, and ventilation at the ends. Just a little concern that the turn buttons are exposed if you are at a dock, but if the fenders are deployed should be fine. What is the fabric?
    -Rick Thompson

  2. Thanks Rick!
    Still need some adjustments to get some of the wrinkles out. Yes, I have set up the fienders to Alingsås under the gunwale and so far I have been fine. The fabric is not any of the big brands (like Sunbrella) but quite similar, it is acrylic. I used the same for my cover and it has kept the boat dry for a year now so I have faith in it.... ;)

  3. Bloody spell check, Alingsås (a town in Sweden) should have been 'aligned'......