Monday, July 8, 2013

More pix from launch day

Back to share some more from the launch day.

The launch crew

I bought a few small bottles of champagne so that each kid could do their own naming, same name all three times though.

The launch was very undramatic, a small push and she slid into the water.

Despite being two adults and three kids in the boat she was very easy to row and tracked very nicely.

The maiden voyage went to the nereby beach since the kids wanted to go swimming (hot day).

When we were leaving the beach I ran aground (another first for the day), I noticed we did not make any headway and looked over the side and found we were on top of a rock. I left a nice red mark on it but no damage to the boat.

Coming back to port

Getting her out of the water was also easy, my son handled the winch while I took care of the alignment on the trailer.
Now I am keen to get the rig sorted so we can go sailing, just need some rope and a few blocks.

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