Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Too much again

Left work early to go sailing, had a quick dinner, packed up the boat and left for the ramp. Well there I found there was plenty more wind than forecasted and plenty more than at the house (despite being only 500m from the ramp as the crow flies)!!
Have sailed in a lot worse but I would like a nice steady calm breeze for the first sail in a boat I have never sailed before. So I decided to leave the rig ashore and go rowing instead. There was a cross breeze on the ramp so there was a little more problem launching compared to last time. The wind was blowing straight into the harbour and the waves built a bit as the water shallowed at the entrance. It was great fun for about 40 minutes then I remembered the cross wind on the ramp and decided to turn back to save some strength for wrangling the boat back on the trailer. Had a great ride back downwind!! As suspected I could not get her straight on the trailer but it turns out she is quite easy to move about on the trailer (light weight and a flat bottom). I had built up quite a sweat when I was done.

Only one pic today since I forgot my phone in the car, so only one taken after the trip.

So while I still have not sailed her I have confirmed she is great to row!!!

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