Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bits and pieces

Lovely summers day today, +23C and blues skies.

First job of the day was the final coat of paint, then I had to take advantage of the nice day and take a walk on the beach.

The last coat?

Instead of orange peel I now have brush streaks, the world should be lucky that I am not a professional painter...!

Surprisingly few people at the beach today considering the weather, usually on a day like this it is packed
On my beach walk I found that even the water was warm so I was tempted to go for a swim. I however agreed with my selves that it would be better to focus on getting on the water rather than in the water, so back to the boat.

I could not work in the garage/basement due to the fumes so I decided to work on some bits and pieces, i.e. rudder, tiller and foot brace, in the kitchen.

Drew them on cardboard, luckily I have moved a lot so I have many boxed that make good template material

Since I am building my boat with a push-pull tiller I will mount the "rudder stock" higher than showed on the drawings, hence I made my rudder blade about 10 cm longer than the design to get the same area in the water. Also my tiller/rudder yoke is looking differently than the original design.

Cut them out

Put my gas mask on and went into the basement to mark them out on plywood and cut them to shape

And finally glued them up

The foot brace and the tiller yoke was glued before cutting them to the correct shape, so that is something I need to do tomorrow.

Just one more picture of the boat.......

Time today: 4h

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  1. Ska bli så kul att komma till dig och se allt inkl. båten.
    Färgen ser så snygg ut :-)

    Och stranden ser inte dum ut heller ;-)

    Kram Helene