Thursday, June 28, 2012


I was supposed to be back yesterday but my flight from Prague was cancelled (after takeoff) due to some problems with the landing gear. So I spent most of the night yesterday trying to find a hotel room and a taxi from the airport.

Now I am back at least and I started the night by cutting the last foot brace so that I have a pair.

Then it was back to shaping the centerboard.

I managed to rough out the shape of the trailing edge on one side and start the other one before the block plane became too blunt. So onto honing but before I could do that I had to lap (flatten) my water stone. I think the honing affectionados of this world would cringe if they saw the shape my stone has taken over the past weeks/months.

Some pencil lines to be able to see my progress

Here you can see that there is a hollow in the stone that need to be removed


Sharp enough? I think so!

Hopefully I will get the boat turned over tomorrow.....

Time today: 2h

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