Sunday, June 24, 2012

Centerboard profile

As I cannot work on the actual boat until it has been turned over (something I hope will happen by the end of the week) so I continued to work on the bits and pieces, today it was time to shape the center board into a NACA 0010 profile.

I decided to make guide cuts with the table saw so that I would have some guidance when rasping and planing the profile.

Marking up the profile, the numbers are the depth of the cut at each line

After cutting

I also cut out the pieces I glued yesterday, unfortunately I forgot yesterday that I need two foot braces so I had to glue up another one today.


As I do not have a good wise to clamp the centerboard to during shaping I had to build a temporary table on the strongbox.

My "clamping table"

Centerboard ready for shaping

Starting to shape the leading edge with spokeshave, plane, rasp and sure form

And the other side, plenty more to do tomorrow

Time today: 4.5h

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