Saturday, June 30, 2012


When I opened the door this morning to go shopping it almost felt like I was back in China, +29C and extreme humidity (my eyeballs fogged up ;). Not too bad for many parts of the world but for Poland it was horrible, I got sweaty just by sitting still on a chair.... Finally around three o'clock we had a big thunder storm and things got sort of back to normal.

Continued with the bits and pieces today, by shaping them (rasp, plane and sure form) in pairs. Did most of the work today outside after the thunder storm.

Two identical foot braces (almost)

Two identical cheek pieces

Shaping the rudder stock pieces

Dry fitting the rudder assembly, rudder down..,

...and rudder up

Shaping the rudder profile, leading edge done working on the trailing edge

Time today: 4h

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