Sunday, July 1, 2012

Another day of various

There is a long list of things to be done so I figured it would be best to just get going (another hot and humid day by the way).

Finished the shaping of the rudder.

Sanded the bits and pieces.

All done

I also discovered a small problem today.... with the port foot brace.

Starboard no problem it fits nicely

Port, what the.... theres is a centerboard box in the way!! So now I need to get creative again

Faired up one side of the rudder and centre board, also fixed some sawing damages on the "bits & pieces".

Wrapped the evening up by measuring out and drawing up the mid part of the seat tops.

It is nice to be able to sit IN the boat doing this instead of hanging over the edge

And finally just a view of the boat (I really should give her a name soon!)

Time today: 4h

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