Wednesday, July 4, 2012


It is interesting how the pin bushings turned out. The big one (40mm Centerboard) expanded during curing while the small one (20mm Rudder) actually contracted slightly. Anyone that can explain this?

Sanded the rudder, why does sanding take so much time.... boored!


I am no very pleased with how the profiles turned out, they are not really symmetrical. So it is likely that I need to redo them within a year or so, hence I decided to glass the leading edge only (abrasion resistance) instead of the whole thing. Did two layers, one wide covering the whole edge and one a slightly more narrow covering the lower part only.

Glass cut for the rudder...

... and centerboard

Coated the rudder pieces and foot braces with epoxy

Epoxy applied to centerboard...

... and rudder

Time today: 3h

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