Monday, July 16, 2012

Cruising area

I signed the lease agreement for my new house on Saturday!

So I thought perhaps I should tell a little about the area I will be sailing. The house is located at the red dot in the map below. It is on the island Adelsö in a fresh water lake called Mälaren, the third largest in Sweden. I suppose I will do most of my boating there. But it is only a short drive to get the boat into the Baltic Sea and the archipelago of Stockholm.

In the bottom end of the map you will see a deep bay ending up in the city of Norrköping. This is where I grew up and I have spent a lot of time in this area and plan to return with my new boat.

On the top right you will see the Åland islands and the Finnish archipelago, an area that I am keen to explore further.

All of these areas are really nice cruising places, literally thousands of islands and no tides to think about. The only problem is that I am not the only one that has discovered these great places so during summer it is usually packed with boats. This is where a shallow draft sail-and-oar boat comes in. With a draft of less than 30 cm there are plenty places where I can go but few others…..

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