Tuesday, July 3, 2012

And some more sanding

Cut out the final pieces of the seat tops.

Some fine tuning is still needed before glueing them in place

Then I started sanding the centerboard and sanded and sanded and ran out of sand paper...

The finished product. The small ring on the edge was to be able to hang it for painting etc but I will be using the pivot pin hole for that instead

As I could not do any more sanding I decided to start making the bushing for the pivot pins in the centerboard and rudder. So I drilled out oversized holes, put a tape covered ply piece as backing and filled the holes with slightly thickened epoxy. When drilling a 40mm hole it is a good idea to clamp the piece.... I know from experience, the drill got stuck and rotated the centerboard, luckily it was stopped by the spar planing jig (in the right edge of the picture above) before it hit me.

Time today: 1.5h

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