Thursday, July 12, 2012

Extra effort

I am going to Sweden for a few weeks tomorrow so I felt I had to give it an extra push today to get some progress.

So I started with making the last deck pieces, adjusted the stem cut of the gunwales, drilled the gunwales and tested the fit of the rudder in the rudder "stock".

The last deck pieces, they do not really fit with the forward pieces but that is because those were cut overly large (for some reason???)

Adjusting the stem end of the gunwale, almost there just a little more planing

Rudder down, ...

..., rudder up. Only some fairing (the pieces did not really match up) and and painting left

Then I went on to fitting the gunwales (the stringers was hard to fit but at least there I could align them in the cut outs, this took a loooooot more time.....), coating the underside of the deck pieces and faired the rudder stock.

Used a 4mm piece of ply to make sure I fitted the gunwale at the same thickness as the deck above the sheer plank.

Much nicer fit than yesterday.....

View of the gunwale, the sheer plank still need to be sanded before final painting and the rest is very dusty

Coating the under side of the deck

Fairing rudder stock

Time today: 7h

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