Friday, June 29, 2012

Flipping again...

Turned the boat over again today. Gathered up some strong guys at the office and it was over in 30 minutes (including the drive). Unfortunately I did not get any picture of the actual flip nor the team, they where like a team of SEALs, swooped in, did the job and disappeared again. So I will be buying the pizza on Monday.

My cradle may look a little low but it makes it very easy to get in and out of the boat. Come to think of it today was the first time that I stepped into the boat, a very nice feeling!

Then I spent some time finalizing the shape of the centerboard. Not sure if it is NACA shaped any more as I mostly eye balled the shape based on my cuts. Now it needs some filler, some sanding, some glass and some paint...........

Yes, that is sweat stains you see

Time today: 2h (including 1/2 for the flip, since we were seven persons doing that perhaps it should count as 3.5h???)

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