Thursday, May 17, 2012


Stop whining and back to work!

Started with cutting out the skeg, it was a nice fit, unfortunately my new sabre saw does not make a square cut. The blade is square to the base when not running but something happens when I run it(!?!). Not a big deal I will just have to plane the skeg a little.

Skeg before planing

Then I decided to redo the outer stem (third time....) as it seems my template making abilities are not perfect so this time I will do it on the boat. Glued together five veneers and nailed them to the stem, when the glue is dried I will remove them and add the other 15 layers in the same shape.

If this does not work I will have to build furniture out of all my stems....

Finally I got onto planing spars again, it feels really nice to be making curls again and not just dust!


Well I had to do a little sanding to get it round enough.

Two round(ish) and one square

Time today: 2.5h

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