Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Outer stem

After a 19 hour ferry trip I did not feel like sanding so I got onto the outer stem instead.

First however I tested the fit of the skeg template, not a perfect match so I will have to do some adjustments

I had drawn the stem profile on a piece of scrap ply before glueing it onto the boat.

Stem shape

So all I had to do was to fit some blocks along this line to clamp the veneers to as I glue it up.

Drilling screw holes

So I started by drilling pilot holes into a piece of wood and then I cut it between the wholes to make a number of blocks with the hole in the centre. I put plastic on the plywood base and packing tape on the blocks.

All prepared for screwing the blocks in place

Testing with one veneer

I am a little uncertain whether the blocks will take the strain from 10-12 veneers so I will have to do a dry run tomorrow before adding the glue.

Time today: 1h

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