Thursday, May 31, 2012

Second and third coat

Got up at 0530 today to paint the second coat before going to work. Tonight I did the third.

For those who do not read the comments I thought perhaps I should tell a bit more about the paint. It is called Sigmadur 550 (

It is a two part polyurethane paint (very smelly) and is primarily intended for topsides of comercial vessels, so I assume it is as good as the yachty stuff but very much cheaper (I paid about 10 Euros per liter).

I was intending to apply it by "roll and tip", but I forgot the tip part for the first coats. Strangely the roller does not make any bubbles in the paint, I am sure it is not the quality of the rollers nor my rolling technique so I have to conclude that the paint is good. I have noticed some "orange peel" structure on the surface so I will need to do a light sanding before the final coats (here I will try to remember the tip).

Time today: 2h

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