Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rudder stock

Lovely weather today, +25C and mostly blue skies. Spent the morning cutting the grass and mending the broken mower.

Then I continued the sanding and coating, got two layers of epoxy on the boat today.

The stem was a god fit but as the veneers is 40 mm wide and the stem should be around 25 mm I had to cut it down somewhat. I tried with the table saw, not a complete success but luckily I practiced with the messed up stems first. At least I could get it trimmed a little the rest will have to be done with the plane.

I also started working on the rudder stock today.

1:1 scale of the drawing

From that I made the cheek and centre block templates

Pieces marked out on the plywood

All the pieces cut out and ready for glueing

Time today: 4h


  1. Skönt att se att du jobbar på.
    Blev lite orolig där ett tag att du bara solade benen ;-)
    Kram Helene

  2. Benen behöver ju sitt också!