Sunday, May 27, 2012

Painting the hull

Sanded the areas I filled yesterday, there are still several places that could use some more and many areas that should have been sanded better. But I am not going for yacht finish so this should be good enough.

Vacuumed and washed the hull to make sure there is no dust left on the surface. Then it was on to painting.

First layer

The picture does not show the color properly also the light ply is shining through, I will need another two or three coats before it is done. Below you can see a picture of the color (RAL 4074). I have not painted the whole sheer plank as I will need to glue the rub rail there.


Now I am of on another trip, back in a few days.

Time today: 3h


  1. Anders,

    I hope your paint job goes well. What brand makes the color RAL4074?

    I wonder about the coverage. Mike Monies when he built the red SCAMP in 2011 used a red that just wouldn't cover well. Then he discovered that he should have used a grey undercoat.

    I love your build of a fine design. Keep it up.


    1. Hi Simeon,

      Thanks! The paint is Sigmadur 550 from Sigma coatings. It is actually a paint intended for commercial ships. They told me it will cover very well, so I have good hopes.


  2. That looks like a fine product according to their web site. It should hold up well.

    Are you rolling it on and then tipping it out with a dry foam brush to eliminate any bubbles? Just curious.

  3. Was supposed to roll and tip but forgot for the first two layers. I cannot find any bubbles though.... Will remember the tipping for the next two (hopefully this will be enough)