Monday, December 19, 2011

Crazy traffic!

Got stuck in Christmas shopping traffic today, a drive that normally should take me half an hour today took almost two and a half.........

Back home I screwed the watertight hatches to the bulkheads (after wrapping the Christmas presents).

There is some squeeze out of the liquid gasket, but this can be trimmed after it has set

Then I started to glue on the "outer stringer", again the lubricant glue caused some minor problems. The first clamp is the trickiest since you need to hold the timber with two hands and use one to attach the clamp, after that it is smooth sailing!

I also started to make the cutouts in the frames/bulkheads for the bottom stringer. I waited to do this until now so that I could make sure to get a nice fit between the frames and the stringer.

Outer stringer glue up. In the background you can see bulkhead #6 being dry fitted

The stringer cut outs is to the left in the picture

Time today: 1.5h

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