Sunday, December 11, 2011

Good progress

Today I felt that I made some good progress, usually during the week when you can do 1-2 hours per day it sort of feels like you are not moving along at all. But when you get a chance to put a few hours in the feeling is quite different.

I started the day of with cutting all the pieces for the centre board casing. They will be finally trimmed and glued after having checked it "onboard".

Cutting the case log. Cutting out of one board, while the other is just a support for the saw. To guide the saw I clamped another plank onto the plank I was cutting.

Using a batten (this one will be used to make the mizzen mast) and nails to get the right curve of the bottom

Dry fit of the centre board casing

Then I started with the bottom plank, all I had time for today was to cut the scarf and glue it up.

Planing the scarf, the picture is taken before final planing so still a little uneven.

Glueing the scarf in the same way as I did the scarfing for the strongbox. Screws in a piece of  cheap ply to align the two ply sheets. The two sheets that is being scarfed is also screwed to the "work bench ply" and finally two buckets of water on top of the whole thing.

Finally I also coated the other side of the frames and finalized glueing of the stem piece.

I have been asked how I measure the time that I report on the blog and it is simply the time I spend in the garage. So it is working time including a lot of head scratching but excluding time spent on purchases and generally thinking when I am not in the garage. (I hope that made sense).

Time today: 5 h (total 36 h)

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