Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tool maintenance

I though perhaps it is boring to look at the same frames being glued day after day so today I did some tool maintenance, sharpening of my planes.
But first the daily glueing, #1 is finished, the last glueing for #2 and #6 was done today and I started the transom.

Before I could start sharpening I had to lap my water stone, i.e. make it flat (I have not done this in a while). This is done by sanding it against a flat surface, my kitchen bench is flat enough for my purposes. I use a 400 and a 1000 grit paper for the flattening.

My water stone is 4000/8000 grit so it is actually too fine for sharpening planes, I bought it a few years ago to sharpen my razor so when doing the planes I have to hone them a bit longer compared to if I had a coarser stone.

I gave the razor a sharpening as well in addition to the smoothing plane and the block plane.

Time today: 2 h (Total time 23 h)

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