Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tiller arrangement

Will be busy with other things for a few days so not much will happen on the build until Monday. So I thought I might share a small change I will do to the boat. I have decided to fit her out with a push-pull tiller instead of the designed tiller (a "normal" tiller with rope connection to the rudder below the aft deck). There are several reasons for this. Firstly I like push-pull tillers, secondly I have had some problems finding the aluminium pipe needed to pivot the design tiller around. There are more but those two are the main reasons. This require me to do some structural changes as well.
- The mizzen need to be moved slightly
- The boomkin need to be relocated
- The rudder stock need to be modified by extending it upwards so the tiller can clear the aft deck
- Fit additional stiffening to support the new location of mizzen and boomkin.
Before anyone asks the change has been ok'ed by the designer.
Time today: 0 h

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