Friday, December 9, 2011

Finalising frames

Even though clamp pile is growing I could use a few more, most of the time I am limited by not enough clamps.

Today I did the final glueing of the frames, I also made the insert for the big transom cut-out (where the tiller lines is supposed to be). It was much trickier to get a good fit for the big insert. I made it by putting the transom on top of a 9mm ply sheet and traced the inside of the cut-out onto this. Then I cut it with my Japanese pull saw (excellent saw by the way) to the outside of the line. Then it was time for a lot of sand paper until I could fit it in (this is the tricky and boring part, to sand enough but not more...).

I hope the glueing will be successful, I have a 9mm ply piece on both sides and some stiffening timber in the hope that I will get a uniform pressure from both sides. 
Along the centre line of the transom I will fit a piece of wood that will cover the insert and strengthen my patch work, this is also what I will screw the rudder fittings to.

Tomorrow I will start with the centre board casing and maybe the bottom plate.

Time today: 2 h (Total 28 h)


  1. great start - have built a wharram tiki 26, now looking at a Penguin, pilgrim or a pathfinder look at

    to see how to make some clamps


  2. Hi Nath!

    Thanks, good tip. Clamps are very cheap here though so I do not think I will build any for this boat atleast.