Friday, December 16, 2011

Laser level

Today I put the uprights on the strongbox. I had marked them all with a centre line and a horizontal line on the same distance from a reference line (top of the strong back on the drawings).

Typical marking

Then I set up the laser level to be completely (well as good as possible at least) horizontal and at the right height. It took bloody forever to get it good enough.....

Then all I needed to do was to align the uprights with the laser and screw them in place.

Used small wedges to get the uprights level

The beauty of this metod is that even if you strong back is a little uneven in height you can correct this when you fit the uprights.

Then I test fitted the bottom plank and it fell in a smooth curve touching all the uprights, jippiieee!

It looks like a small hump at the left most upright but that is just my crappy phone camera.

Tomorrow I will trim the width of the uprights, bevel them on top and screw the bottom to them, so that will then be the official "Keel laying" date.

Time today: 1.5h (come on it is Friday, right!)

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