Thursday, December 15, 2011

Head scratching and epiphany!

Today I started working on the uprights that will determine the shape of the bottom plank. First I cut them to the right length and the I was supposed to trim them to the correct height and this is where my problems started!
The wood I am using for this is pine (pinus sylvestris) and I got a very nice piece tight grained and very resinous, unfortunately this also makes it very hard to saw..... To cut it to height I need to cut along the grain, first I tried with three different hand saws but it was just too time consuming. Since I am lazy it was time for head scratching..........
Then I tried to set up a guiding board for the sabre saw but I could not get it stable enough so the vibration of the saw made the clamps fall of. More head scratching.....
Then I tried the circular saw, but I could not get the clamps to grip the plank properly as the base plate of the saw is quite wide.
Oh, I wish I had a table saw...... I almost gave up for the day when it struck me that I can set the depth of the saw so that it does not cut completely through the plank, that way I can clamp it further in without risking to cut into the saw horses or the support plank, and my problem was solved!

When you think long enough about something you sometimes find a solution!

I could even make two cuts close together, the right piece is for one upright and the left is for another. The middle goes to the fire place.

My plank was not high enough for the aft most uprights so I made them out of two pieces of 9mm ply glued together. 

Garage overview. On the left you can see my heating system it keeps the garage at a nice 20C. In the middle the uprights that I cut today, they still need to be mounted at the correct height. On the right the aft uprights being glued.

Today I also discovered the disadvantage of the strongbox compared to a beam strong back, the top of the strongbox will be in the way when I will screw the stringer to the bottom plank. Oh well a problem for another day, worst case I will have to screw them from above.

(Maybe Santa will bring me a table saw?)

Time today: 3h (total time 46h)

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