Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sunny weather

Blue skies and sunshine today, so I decided to go outside instead of hiding in the garage all day. So I went to the local sailing shop in Gdynia harbor to buy the hatches for the watertight compartments.

After the shopping I went for a short walk around the yacht harbor and the commercial harbor. In the picture below you can see one or our two local square riggers (the other one is more beautiful but I could not get a good angle on that one).

Despite blue skies and sunshine it was actually also very windy and only a few degrees above zero, so after a few more non boat related errands I head back to the garage.

The following was done today:
- Removing excess glue from the frames (especially the early once, before I realized that it is a good idea to wipe of the squeeze out), using a heat gun and a scraper.
- Fairing of the transom inserts
- Started to glue the stem
- Started coating the frames with epoxy
- Marked out the centre board casing sides

Time today: 3 h

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