Sunday, December 18, 2011

There is a hole in my boat

Today I made the dreaded cutout for the centre board. Actually a lot less traumatic than I expected. Cut it with my old sabre saw, parts of it I had to do from below since the stringer interfered with the base plate of the saw. The final few cuts was done with a small hand saw in the areas where I could not reach with the sabre.

Had to make a small cut into the stringer as it is the way of the centre board case.

Next I made the filler piece to fill the area between the stringer and the centre board case, but did not get any good pictures.....

Dry fitting the centre board case

My next job was to glue in the second stringer and the centre board filler piece. I started to dry fit the stinger but when I got to the end something was wrong, it did not fit with the stringer already on board, at the ends. It turned out that I had tried to fit the wrong piece of wood, the outer piece instead of the inner piece of the stringer, the inner piece is a few millimeters wider and when I got this in place it all made sense again.

Glueing stringer and filler piece

The rest of the evening I will spend coating the inside of the centre board case with epoxy, wet on wet (i.e. you apply the next coat before the first has set completely) hopefully I can do three coats tonight.

Time today: 5h

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