Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cutting the 2nd plank

Did some marking, cutting and scarfing today.

Forward and middle part of plank marked out

Mid part has been cut out

I plane the plank edges as a pair to make sure they are identical

Instead of using clamps I nail them to the workbench, quicker and more reliable

Marking out the aft part on fresh ply since it would not fit on the old sheet

After cutting out all the pieces it was time to dry fit them on the boat, it was a surprisingly good fit I only had to do some minor adjustments!!!!!!

Stem view

Boat view, the scarfs have not been cut yet

When I had a good dry fit it was time to plane the scarfs and start joining up the plank pieces. This time I will do scarf joints on the workbench to make a full length plank.

Planing the scarf

Glueing both planks at the same time

To align the plank pieces I marked out the plank shape on the workbench using the template and put some nails along the bottom edge, then I screwed the planks to the work bench and put some weights on top.

Time today: 5h

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