Friday, March 16, 2012

Back to planking

Before I could start on the third plank I had to remove a screw that I broke close to the transom. I used a plug drill and a chisel to get to the screw and then a "wise grip" to get it out.

I broke the screw just below the ply surface, so I need to remove it before I start to plane the plank landing.

The area around the screw has been drilled out

I have chiseled away the wood plug

Screw is out

It looks bad but it will be covered by the next plank so I will just fill the hole with thickened epoxy

I also managed to get the broken screw in the bottom out, the one a the the butt block (Thanks for the tip Wayne!)

Then I marked up the plank landings and started to plane. I did all the planing with the smoothing plane this time no need to fiddle with the block plane.

Plank landings marked out

Here you can see that the next plank will cover my screw extraction hole

Plank landing planed

Finally I filleted the bottom area of the aft buoyancy tank.

Quite messy fillets, mainly because the plastic bag burst at the seams when I squeezed it.

Time today: 2h

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