Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First painting

Painting the seat compartments today, the first coat. The paint I am using is called "Sigmafast 205" and it is a "two component high build polyamide cured zinc phosphate epoxy primer/coating". I do not really know what that means but I got it at a good price. It turns out that the whole saler for Sigma coatings (I am familiar with them regarding ship coatings) have their office close to where I work and their prices is very close to that of the house paint you can buy in the big box shops (maybe 20-30% more than latex house paint)! So I decided to go for the "expensive" stuff.

It is a very nice paint to use flows easily without running, but it smells quite a bit.

Nice with a mask when you are dealing with the smelly stuff

There are two doors between the garage and the house so no smell outside of the basement luckily.

First coat done

I also discovered some holes from my bench scarfing that I had not filled with epoxy. So tomorrow I will have to drill them out and stuff them with epoxy before the next coat of paint.


That could have been a fun launching day.....

Time today: 2h

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