Saturday, March 3, 2012

Starting second plank

Started the day by fine tuning the plank landings with the block plane.

Then it was time to start the second plank.

Template pieces have been clamped onto the third stringer

Gussets have been screwed onto the template pieces to make it a continuos plank template

After the fidding I could remove the template and start marking the planking stock.

Top edge of the forward plank piece....

.... and the bottom edge

Ready for cutting tomorrow

As I am working on the second plank I need to cut the rabbet on the garboard, a bit scary but it worked out fine using saw, chisel and rabbet plane.

Rabbet marked out, 200mm from stem

Making the saw cut for the chisel

After chiseling out the lower part of the rabbet so that the rabbet plane will have an edge to "lean" on

After planing

Both sides done

Finally I honed my new smoothing plane blade (to replace the cracked one), I got a new Stanley blade as I could not justify the additional cost of getting a better blade, the original has served it's purpose despite being cracked. The blade was 13 Euros and I also got a better honing guide (5 Euros).

New blade and honing guide

Time today: 5h

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