Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Picked up my sails today! They look really nice, not enough light in the pictures to make them justice...

The bag

Out of the bag


Main, I could not get far enough away to get the whole thing in the picture despite it being a tiny sail

Continued fine planing the stringers with the block plane, now I had good use of the guide/jig I built, especially between the frames where there is less guidance for the plane.

I also glued up the main boom

To end the day I decided to hone the planes a little so that they will be nice and sharp for tomorrow. During the sharpening I discovered a hairline crack on the smoothing plane blade, so perhaps I need to get a Hock blade sooner than I expected.

The crack is about a third from the right edge

Here the blade is turned over so you will see the crack about a third in from the left.

I have been starting to go through the "Hooked on Wooden Boats" podcasts, I can really recommend them for anyone that likes wooden boats.

Time today: 3h

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